Fiat simply means the currency which we use to pay bills or to pay while shopping in a mall, it is the money which we actually carry in our wallet like USD, EURO, Turkish lira etc. CBANX provides users with the advantage of depositing and withdrawing Fiat through their bank account, which enables user to reach a point from where they can buy and sell cryptocurrency. CBANX currently support EURO (€) and TRY ( ₺).

Steps to Deposit Euro:

1. Logon to and login to your account.

2. Click on Funds 

3.  Select Deposit from the drop down menu.

4. Select the Token you want to deposit.

5. This page will display the user's bank account details as well as CBANX's account. User would first need to deposit the amount to CBANX's Account as shown below. Once the deposit is made and if the deposit was made online: On the Bank Transaction page (Your Bank's website)  note down the deposit details like Reference no., Transaction No.  

6. After the deposit has been made the user then needs to submit a deposit request by entering the details of the transaction. For e.g. Transaction reference number or Transaction ID and the amount that was deposited and then click on Submit.

Note: The deposit will then be verified by our Accounts Department and the amount will be credited to your digital wallet.