1. Launch the CBANX App and click on Trades.
  2. Select the trading pairs for instance here we have selected CBNX/BTC
  3. Select the Buy or the Sell button
  4. Select Limit Order from the drop down list. Note:The First field is the lowest price of CBNX token in the market. You can place the Limit order according to the price you want to pay for CBNX Token.
    *The Second field is the amount of CBNX token you want to buy.
    *The Third Field is the fee
    *The Fourth Field is where you can use the % to buy CBNX Token against the BTC coin
    *The Fifth Field Displays the total amount of BTC that will be charged to buy the CBNX token
    *The Sixth Field is the Total amount of BTC coins you have
  5. Click on Buy to complete the Transaction