1. Launch the CBANX App.

2. Select Account.

3. Select Security

4. Select Google Authenticator.

5. When you enable the button, it will ask you to download the Google Authenticator App. Download the Google Authenticator App on your phone and Click on next.

6. Please save the 16 digit key by writing it on paper, as this  key will allow you to recover your Google Authenticator when you change your phone or if the phone is lost.

7. Enter the 16 digit key that have been generated above and click on next.

The next page will appear on the screen as setup code (You will need to add CBANX account in your Google Authenticator app and manually enter the 16 digit key and Select Next.

8. Enter the CBANX login password and the OTP generated by Google Authenticator App and Press the Submit button.

9. After Selecting the Submit button the Google Authenticator will be enabled.