If you have lost your phone or want to use Google Authenticator (GA) in a new or different phone. Here is how you can recover your GA CBANX account.

On your previous phone during the Google Authenticator setup process a 16 digit recovery key was generated for each account you setup or linked with GA (Google Authenticator), for instance when you enabled GA in CBANX a 16 digit code was generated for your account which the software recommended you to save it in the drive or to be written on a paper. 

In order to yet again link the CBANX account on the new phone this 16 digit key will be required, so make sure you have access to the key and follow the below steps:

  • Download the Google Authenticator in the new phone
  • After the setup, go to the menu and select 'manually.'
  • Now enter account name and the 16 digit code and click 'next.'
  • That is it, your CBANX account is linked and activated in the Google Authenticator.
  • You can now use the code to access your CBANX account again.

Note: If you have misplaced or lost the recovery key, please contact the CBANX support team for help, but you must be able to prove your identity with a current selfie document to be assisted.