Using Google Authenticator in iOS

1. Download and Install "Google Authenticator" App from the Apple App Store by clicking on this link : 

2. Logon to and login to your Account.  

3. Click on Profile. 

4. Scroll down till you see "Google 2 Factor Authentication". And Slide the button to enable. (Note: By enabling G2FA you will be guided to link your CBANX Account with the G2FA)

5. Select step 2 "Scan QR Code" as shown on the website. A QR Code will be shown on the website.  

6. Launch the Authenticaor App installed in your iphone . 

7. Select the Begin Button. 

8. Click on the "Scan a barcode" which opens up the barcode scanner. Point the phone camera to scan the QR code shown on the website. 

9. On the website Click on step 3 Backup Key and save the key on a paper as shown. This Key will allow you to recover your Google Authentication in case your phone is lost. 

10. In Step 4 you can enter your CBANX Account password and a Google authentication Code as shown on the Google Authenticator App.

From now on everytime you login to your CBNAX Account you will have to use your CBANX ID/Email and Password along with a code generated by the Google Authenticator App on your Android phone. 

NOTE : You wont be receiving login OTP on your Email since you have now setup Google Authenticator as an alternative to the regular OTP sent on your registered Email. You need to open the Authenticator App to get the code in order to login.