In CBANX, traders have the option of paying the trade fees in CBNX token for which ever Cryptocurrency you are trading in, you can opt to pay the Trading fees in CBNX token. When a user enables this option he gets a benefit of 50% discount on the trading Fees. For instance you buy bitcoin and the Trading fee you pay is 0.10 BTC, if you enable this option the Trading fees of 0.10 will be converted to CBNX token plus 50% discount on the fees.

In order to enable the CBANX Trade discount:

1. Log on to and login to your account.

2. Go to Profile. 

3. Beneath your profile details, you will find an option "Using CBNX to pay for fees (50% discount)".

4. Enable the option by moving the slider button to the right.

Note: Once the feature is enabled, only CBNX will be used for the trading fees. Make sure you have CBNX coins.