Over-the-Counter (OTC) trade is a cryptocurrency trading that takes place away from digital currency exchanges especially for large-scale trader. It is useful for those who don't want to undergo the hectic process of traditional trading and without being afraid of hacked or theft. In OTC trading there are two forms of trading: Internal and External OTC

  • Internal OTC: In Internal OTC it involves paying a low escrow fee to an organisation for executing  trade within the same exchange the consumer is trading in.
  • External OTC: External OTC is when a trader pays a low escrow fee for executing a trade to an individual or organisation which is not from the exchange the consumer is dealing in. 

Market trade is a traditional trade that take place in an exchange where user usually buy and sells their respective crypto by analyzing thoroughly. In market trading there are two types of order you can trade with:

  • Limit order: In Limit order you can set the price of coin according to your will to buy and sell the coin. However, it takes longer time to execute the order.
  • Market order: In market order, the  buy and sell orders are executed immediately at the best available price.