Whenever we transfer or deposit coins to or from an exchange we see transactions marked as “Success” and “complete” however it does not mean that the transaction has fully processed, it only means that the transaction was successfully posted to the blockchain. Please note that:

1. Different crypto take different amount of confirmation before the  transaction is verified. Sometime the blockchain may face congestion which may cause the delay in the process of  transaction. If such situation arise then you can use the transaction ID(TxID) to follow the status on the blockchain.

2. If you are not able to locate or the TxID is not displayed  please contact customer support of the exchange from where you have sent the coin.

3. If the staus is showing “unconfirmed” then kindly wait for the confirmation to be completed, but  if the transaction is “confirmed” by blockchain still you have not received the coin in CBANX please create a ticket.