Most of us are familiar with the term Fixed deposit which generally refers to an investment for a fixed amount of time yielding good amount of interest. In some part of the world these accounts are known by the term 'Certificate of Deposit'. When you are a part of Cbanx, trading is not the only way to earn profit or benefit from this booming technology called cryptocurrency. 

Cbanx gives its users the privilege to earn high interest on their digital assets in the form of Fixed Deposit. A user can choose from the available FD plans and get the total amount credited to his wallet at the end of the term. Currently Cbanx offers two plans for a term period of 6 months and 12 months which entitles to a 5% and 12% Interest respectively. Please note that the only currency you can choose for Fixed deposit is CBNX Tokens and the minimum amount of CBNX Tokens required is 10.

During the term the deposit is fixed and cannot be released in advance until it/fixed deposit has matured and both the principal deposit and the earned return are released together in your crypto wallet again.